Finding A Workable Child Custody Plan

The end of your marriage is not the end of your family. Couples with children will have to work to find a way to share child-rearing responsibilities from two households instead of one. The underlying goal is to create a happy and healthy environment for your child. Still, finding a sustainable custody arrangement that meets your needs as a parent is also important. I have helped countless Dallas-Ft. Worth parents do just that.

At Hope Family Law P.C., I will stand up for your rights as a parent by using every legal tool available to obtain the child custody arrangement you prefer. I will help you understand the factors courts consider when making these decisions and prepare a legal strategy to highlight your strengths as a parent and lay the foundation for a strong relationship between you and your child.

An Outdated Custody Arrangement Can Be Modified

All families change over time, and that’s especially true as your children grow older. With each passing year, your child will have a more independent sense of self and opinions about their own life — that’s a big change from the early years when parents have the right and responsibility to make just about every choice in a child’s life. Furthermore, a change in either parent’s circumstances can affect your custody arrangement, such as a second marriage or a move to a new city or state.

Under Texas law, any aspect of the parent-child relationship can be modified. The need for modification often arises when one parent wants to move away from the other, and custody must be altered accordingly. The party seeking modification initiates court proceedings by filing a suit for modification. Any “party whose rights and duties may be affected by a suit for modification is entitled to receive notice” of the suit. Where necessary, the court will grant temporary orders effective during modification proceedings.

The court generally makes decisions relating to the parent-child relationship based on the children’s best interests.

Your Children Deserve Experienced Legal Advice

At Hope Family Law P.C., I have more than two decades of family law experience. Furthermore, I am a certified family law specialist, and can use my specialized training and knowledge to help you obtain the legal outcome you’re seeking.

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