A Board-Certified Specialist Fighting For Fair Spousal Support

If you are considering filing for divorce, one of your biggest questions is whether you can afford it. Texas courts often grant spousal support – also called alimony – to individuals who depended financially on their spouse throughout the marriage. However, securing the alimony arrangement you need is not always easy.

At Hope Family Law P.C., you will find knowledgeable, compassionate guidance for your divorce, including the process of seeking maintenance. I am Leslie Martin Hope, a board-certified family law specialist serving the Dallas-Fort Worth area. You can rely on me to help you seek a fair financial support arrangement, no matter what.

Which Type Of Spousal Support Can I Seek?

Texas has more than one form of financial support that dependent spouses can seek from the supporting spouse. The type you qualify for depends on your circumstances. The three types of support available are:

  1. Temporary spousal support: One spouse pays the other during the divorce proceedings and sometimes for a short period afterward until the receiving spouse can earn an income.
  2. Contractual alimony: Both spouses privately reach an agreement and sign a contract on how much alimony is necessary and for how long.
  3. Spousal maintenance: If one spouse does not have enough assets to fulfill their basic lifestyle needs, a judge orders the other spouse to support them financially.

Temporary spousal support is the easiest to receive; spousal maintenance is the most difficult. It is critical that you have a divorce lawyer who can make your case clearly and ensure that no one takes advantage of you. I have successfully secured fair spousal support for thousands of clients, always providing compassionate counsel along the way.

Learn Whether You Can Seek Maintenance Or Alimony

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