3 common challenges in a gray divorce

On Behalf of | Oct 6, 2023 | Gray Divorce

Divorce is never easy, regardless of the facts and circumstances of each case. Nonetheless, some divorce cases involve unique issues that make them particularly challenging. A common type of divorce that falls into this category is gray divorce.

Facing complicated property division

Spouses who have been together for quite a long time have likely acquired multiple properties during their marriage, including retirement accounts, and have also likely commingled properties one way or another. Accordingly, property division will also be more complicated in case of a divorce. Depending on the circumstances, the proceedings can be longer and costlier.

Dealing with health care concerns

Gray divorce raises health care concerns when one spouse no longer enjoys the health insurance benefits the other spouse provides and is left without coverage. This is a serious challenge given the old age of the parties. Therefore, gray divorce parties should keep this concern in mind and prepare ahead.

Handling complex family dynamics

In gray divorces, the parties usually already have adult children who may have strong opinions and emotions about the divorce. Understandably, this can heavily affect the process, especially if the parties are trying to settle the divorce matters privately and without the court’s intervention. While it is not always the case, undue influence or coercion may affect the effectiveness of the settlement.

On the emotional side of the spectrum, gray divorce parties would also have to maintain their emotional connection with their children amidst the separation.

Facing the difficulties head-on

These are some of the challenges parties to a gray divorce can anticipate. Some may not be too challenging, while others may heavily affect the parties’ well-being. Hence, proper support and guidance can help parties navigate the process smoothly with minimized stress.