How can you preserve your sense of self after divorce?

On Behalf of | Aug 22, 2023 | Divorce

Married life lets you assume roles that expand your perception of who you can become. Being a husband or wife to your partner and a parent to your child may broadly define your identity. Thus, your sense of self could also undergo significant shifts after your divorce becomes final.

If dissolving your marriage turns too hostile, the relationship with your spouse may quickly change from lovers to strangers. In extreme situations, you may even become each other’s worst enemies. But if you wish to prevent drastic relationship changes and maintain some level of cordiality, you may proactively observe self-preservation measures to survive the aftermath of your divorce.

Road to rediscovering yourself

While there is no fixed formula to help you cope with your divorce, a psychological study reveals that romantic partners can remain as friends based on four grounds – civility, security, practicality and unresolved romantic desires.

This academic research considers relevant factors in their case studies, such as sexual orientations, personalities, how long it has been since the breakups and the possible reasons behind them. It produced ideal outcomes for security and practical reasons. On the other hand, unfavorable results came out of staying friends due to unresolved romantic desires. Further, civility and practical reasons prove less likely to endure longer.

As the relationship dynamics of every divorcing couple are unique, the same is true for coping mechanisms. But psychologists often recommend channeling your energy to productive distractions, such as starting a new hobby, meditating, traveling or reconnecting with your social circles.

While you rediscover your path to a renewed sense of self following your divorce, you might also find a motivation from your parental duty to check on your child’s mental health. A study finds that your child may struggle in an unstable environment and develop an increased risk for depressive and disruptive behavioral patterns. Therefore, your guidance proves critical during these confusing times for them.

Embracing a newfound perspective

As you grow from your past learnings, the future seems promising. While you tried holding on to your marriage but ultimately succumbed to divorce, you may still choose to cultivate a healthy relationship with your spouse as you now adjust to being co-parents to your child. Your Texas legal representative can be your compass in achieving outcomes respectful of the law.