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Taking care of your emotional health after divorce

On Behalf of | Sep 17, 2021 | divorce | 0 comments

A divorce may impact your finances, your social life and your emotional health. Ending a relationship as significant as marriage can take its toll on your optimism and hope for the future if you allow it to.

Recognizing that divorce may increase your emotional vulnerability can help you advocate for your psychological needs. Establishing clear boundaries and allowing yourself time to heal may improve your circumstances and help you to move on with your life.

Adopt a growth mindset

The repercussions of divorce may continue to impact your life even months or years afterward. In fact, according to Psychology Today, experts believe it takes an average of 1-2 years to recover. One thing that may speed up this process for you is the decision to adopt a growth mindset. Think about your marriage and the lessons you learned as a result of being in a relationship. Consider how your separation has enabled self-growth and discovery.

Divorce may open opportunities for you to strengthen other relationships, build your career or rediscover a talent or hobby. Revisit your goals for the future and decide how you will accomplish your dreams and aspirations. Focusing on the growth a divorce brings may reduce the time you spend mourning the end of your marriage.

Prioritize self-care

In the wake of your divorce, you may face unexpected challenges including single parenthood and growing financial responsibilities. During this time, you may neglect your own needs to make sure everything else gets done. However, prioritizing self-care can make a considerable difference in your ability to cope with the stresses of life. Depending on your needs, a good self-care routine may include eating a balanced diet, getting enough rest, socializing and doing something active each day.

Taking care of your emotional health allows you the energy and focus to improve your physical health. With your mind in a healthy place, you can make plans for the future and embrace your new normal.

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