Divorce is difficult for a number of reasons, but the financials of divorce are often neglected. Of course, the majority of people are familiar with alimony and child support payments being part of the divorce process, but the costs associated with the divorce process itself can climb quite high.

Fortunately, there are ways to save money on divorce. These include choosing a collaborative divorce and communicating intelligently with your attorney, according to Forbes Magazine.

How does collaborative divorce save money?

Collaborative divorce typically involves each party having their own lawyer and then coming together to discuss the terms of the divorce in a conference room. With a collaborative divorce, you will never set foot inside an actual courtroom.

Collaborative divorces tend to be much faster and more simplistic compared to trial divorces. You will also need to meet less often with your attorney. This makes collaborative divorce a wise decision financially.

How does communication with my attorney matter?

Generally, it takes less time to answer an email as compared to have a telephone conversation. Lawyers typically work on billable hours, so communicating effectively can save you a lot of time. Of course, there are certain aspects of your divorce where a phone call will be more effective than an email, but limiting communication to email as much as possible will save money.

Additionally, having all of your financials in order prior to getting a lawyer can save a lot of money. Divorce focuses a lot on financials, and lawyers spend many billable hours each year trying to track down a client’s assets. If you have your assets already in order, you will fast track your divorce and save money.