It is rarely easy or seamless when a Texas marriage comes to an end, and you may find navigating the aftermath even more difficult if you are also adjusting to a new custody arrangement. At Hope Family Law P.C., while we recognize the difficulties that often accompany this period of adjustment, we also understand the many ways in which sharing custody over your child with your former partner can benefit him or her. 

According to Time, research related to more than 150,000 youths revealed that, contrary to popular belief, the many benefits that come with having two active parents outweigh any potential downfalls associated with having to travel between homes. In the past, many believed that constantly packing and shuffling between two homes would prove stressful for children, but research shows that children, in many ways, fare best when they spend time living in the homes of both parents. 

More specifically, kids who have divorced parents, but who live at least some of the time in the homes of each parent, are less likely than other children of divorce to say that they feel sad, or that they are having trouble sleeping at night. They are also less likely than other children of divorce to report having regular headaches or stomachaches, and they are also less likely to experience concentration issues. 

Why is it that joint-custody arrangements are especially beneficial for kids who have divorced parents? A big part of it is likely due to the simple fact that having two parents who love and support him or her is good for a child’s confidence and self-esteem. It may be, too, that kids whose parents share custody have more access to other resources, whether they be social, financial or what have you. You can find more about child custody issues on our webpage.