Settling the custodial responsibilities of parents who are going through a divorce can be a major undertaking. Texas parents who choose to live separate and apart from their children’s other parents can face difficulties when they are forced to balance their desires to have their children with them with the need to share their children with their former partners. When a child custody plan is finally reached parents may want to do everything that they can to avoid having to change it in the future.

However, as most people will admit, life happens and change is ever-present. A parent may discover one day that they need to move in order to keep their job or to pursue a new relationship. Their upheaval may force them and their co-parent to readdress the difficult custodial matters that they had established but now may be unworkable given the one’s plans to relocate.

A parent with physical custody of their child may need to get consent from their co-parent to move and to take their child with them. A co-parent who lacks physical custody may have options for fighting such a move, but as with all family law matters it is a good idea for them to seek the assistance of an attorney who can advise them of their options.

Parents who cannot come to agreements regarding relocation and the possible moving of their children may have to appear in court to have judges guide them to resolutions. When child custody matters are revisited, courts will generally look to protect the best interests of the children who will be affected by their parents’ moves. What may be beneficial to one child may be detrimental to another when it comes to handling a possible relocation.