Starting the divorce process in the Texas courts requires individuals to meet certain conditions. In order to make sure that one is secure in their understanding of what will be expected of them and knowledgeable about the laws that will affect them, readers are encouraged to discuss their divorce plans with their family law attorneys. Legal representatives can support their clients as they end their marriages and supplement their understanding with information that can greatly improve their divorce outcomes.

First, in order to file for divorce, a person or their spouse must have lived in Texas for at least six months prior to the filing. Additionally, in order to know what court they may use, the Texas resident must have lived in the same county where the filing was submitted for at least 90 days. A pleading for divorce in Texas may allege certain types of fault as their grounds or may pursue the state’s no-fault option.

The fault grounds that Texas courts recognize are varied. They include conviction and incarceration based on a felony, adultery, cruelty, insanity, and abandonment. Attorneys can provide their clients with more information on these topics. A no-fault Texas divorce requires marital partners to be separated for at least three years and to have a marriage that cannot overcome its discord.

Knowing that one wants to get a divorce may be easier than actually beginning the process of divorce on one’s own. For this reason many people seek the help of family law attorneys to help them seek the resolution they need to improve their lives through the divorce process.