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Actor and wife disagree on pending child custody outcome

Not all marriages end on bad terms, and those individuals who can work with their exes to find agreement in the settling of their divorce-related issues may consider mediation as a way to take control of the ends of their marriages. Not all Texas couples succeed in mediation, however, and for those who prefer to divorce in a more traditional way the courts are available to qualifying individuals so that they can litigate their claims. A divorce in the courts often starts with a filing by one or both of the parties that sets out why they want to end their marriage and what they want from the process.

When relocation threatens a child custody plan

Settling the custodial responsibilities of parents who are going through a divorce can be a major undertaking. Texas parents who choose to live separate and apart from their children's other parents can face difficulties when they are forced to balance their desires to have their children with them with the need to share their children with their former partners. When a child custody plan is finally reached parents may want to do everything that they can to avoid having to change it in the future.

What does it mean to have physical custody of a child?

If a Texas resident has not had to deal with child custody matters in their own personal life then it is likely that they have experienced the challenges of custody through the eyes of their friends or family members. They may be familiar with the scheduling hassles that may ensue when a child has to switch between their parents' households and the problems co-parents have when they do not believe that the others are being fair with regard to their time with their kids.

What is legal custody of a child?

The legal custody of a child is an important responsibility for a person to accept. In Texas, parents generally have legal custody of their kids but when those parents go through divorces the status of their parental rights may be put into question. Generally, divorces will address two forms of child custody and will give parents certain rights based on what will serve the best interests of the children subject to the custody determinations.

Court considerations for Texas child custody cases

Child custody cases can arrive in Dallas courts pursuant to active divorces and on their own when parents separate or need to make changes to their existing parenting plans. Although parents can work together to prepare parenting plans that courts can approve for custodial matters, in is not unusual for courts to be tasked with creating custody schedules for families.

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