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What Business Owners Need To Know About Divorce

Divorce is hard enough when its impact is limited to your personal life. But if you and your spouse share ownership of a small business, it is not always obvious how a divorce will affect the business’s future — not to mention the livelihood of each party after the divorce.

At Hope Family Law P.C., we will help you identify the full range of possible solutions to this complicated situation. We will work with you to ensure that your business needs do not stand in the way of your divorce and that your divorce does not stand in the way of your ability to make a living.

Make A Plan For Your Company’s Future

Our firm works with experienced accountants and other professionals as needed to accurately assess the value of your business and each person’s role in the company. Based on your long-term professional goals and those of other stakeholders in the business, we will help you plot a course for the future of your company after your divorce. That could mean one of several options, including:

  • Continuing to run the business with your ex-spouse
  • One spouse buying out the other to run the business independently
  • Selling off the company entirely and dividing the proceeds from the sale

Schedule An Initial Consultation With An Experienced Lawyer

As a family law specialist certified by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization, founding attorney Leslie Martin Hope and Hope Family Law P.C. proudly offer expert advice in a wide range of family law matters.

To learn more about how we can help in your case, schedule an initial consultation in our Dallas office. Just call 972-521-1961, or contact us online.