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What is the fastest you can divorce without kids in Texas?

On Behalf of | Jan 8, 2021 | divorce | 0 comments

Once you reach a point where you know divorce is inevitable, you’re probably eager to move on with your life. One of the worst things about getting a divorce is how long the process can take. It can feel like living in limbo for months.

Many factors, including how contentious the divorce is, impact how long a Texas divorce takes. If you don’t have children and set your own terms for the divorce, what is the fastest that you could potentially go from filing a divorce to being divorced?

There is a waiting period after you file

For some people, it can take months to build up the courage to actually go down to the courthouse and file for divorce or to approve their attorney doing so on their behalf. Once you file your initial paperwork, the countdown begins.

You could theoretically finalize your divorce after 60 days. You have to wait 60 days after filing to move forward with divorce proceedings, with the first day after you file being the first of those 60 days. If you and your ex agree to uncontested divorce terms, you may not require multiple hearings and days in court. Instead, a judge may simply need to review and sign off on your agreement.

There are two circumstances in which the state will waive this waiting period. The first is when one of the spouses has been convicted of a domestic violence offense against someone in the household. The second involves one spouse having an active or emergency protective order against the other spouse.

Working together can benefit you both

The chances are good that both of you are eager to move on with your lives now that you’ve decided to divorce. Working together one last time can give you closure on your marriage. An uncontested divorce also gives you total control over the outcome because you decide how you want to split up your property and handle other major decisions, like who gets to keep your pets.

Keeping a mental focus on the end of the process rather than letting short-term emotions run the show can make it easier for you to obtain a faster and less costly Texas divorce.

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