If you and your spouse know a Texas divorce is on the horizon yet do not want the stress that accompanies it, mediation may be the right step for you. Even amicable splits can devolve when dividing assets, discussing child support and developing parenting plans.

According to the American Bar Association, people use mediation to work through the divorce process on their own, rather than relying on the courts and finding fault with their soon-to-be ex. It offers several benefits over the traditional manner of separating your life from your spouse.

Solve problems your way

Mediation allows you to address the specific problems you and your spouse experience. It can enable you to approach the issues creatively and develop a plan that works for you both. In a court setting, the judge must rely on specific points of law and limiting rules. One of the benefits of going through a court procedure is enforceability. However, you can add that your mediation agreement is legally binding, which allows you to get that benefit from mediation too.

Experience less stress

A courtroom atmosphere often incites a combative attitude. When you use mediation, the meetings take place in an informal environment. Mediators also use techniques that can ease the tension during the sessions, which can help both sides relax. These factors often lower the anxiety and stress levels, allowing you to focus more fully on the issues at hand.

When you can remove court proceedings from your divorce, you avoid fees associated with the courthouse. You may also resolve conflict and move forward with your lives faster, as you need not worry about scheduling conflicts involving the judge or courtroom.