As an older couple, you might find yourself drifting from your spouse. Without kids to take care of and with retirement ahead of you, you have time to grow reacquainted. You also have time to determine if your marriage is past the point you can rekindle it.

If you and your spouse consider divorce at your age, is there anything you should know about it?

The rise in gray divorce

Business Insider offers tips for potential gray divorcees. First of all, the blanket term “gray divorce” refers to any couple in their 50s or above deciding to split. You may also hear it referred to colloquially as a silver splitter or diamond divorce.

In recent years, more older couples have made the decision to get a divorce. Experts point to several potential reasons for this. First, health and quality of life improvements generally mean people live decades after their 50s. With an entire life ahead, couples do not want to waste time in a loveless marriage. Next, the stigma around divorce continues to decrease over time.

Unique struggles of older divorcing couples

But older couples still face other hurdles when divorcing. For example, many lose a portion of assets that may include retirement. You might have to restructure your retirement plans if you decide to split.

Even if you are not financially dependent on your partner, it is also hard for people to adjust to such a big change after so many years. Even if you both decide divorce is the best option, it will still take time to settle into your new life. You may need therapy to help ease the transition, and that is okay.