Divorcing Texas couples like you may think you do not have to worry about your kids if they are adults. After all, you do not have to worry about support or custody matters. They are adults and can take care of themselves.

But you are still their parents, and it may surprise you to find what adult children of divorce struggle with. For many, it is the same problems that young children have, but with all new pressures and expectations.

How a divorce can impact personal views

In Divorce Magazine, adult children of divorce discuss their unique perspective. When you divorce with adult kids, remember that you are still their parents. They often see you as a bedrock. Realizing that your relationship did not last can damage their view on relationships.

Many parents tend to overshare with adult children too, treating them as confidantes rather than kids. Your child may be in their twenties, thirties or older, but that does not mean they can substitute for a therapist. They cannot even substitute for a trusted peer, nor should you expect them to.

Adult children lack support

Understand that adult children often suffer the same emotional turmoil as younger counterparts. They may feel lost, betrayed, angry or mournful. But unlike young children, society often expects them to simply “get over it” and move on. There exists an expectation for adults to handle the ups and downs of their parent’s divorce alone.

Allow your child to process divorce at their own pace. Moreover, do not feel too surprised if that takes longer than you expect. After all, adult or not, they are still a child going through the divorce of their parents.