As divorcing Texas parents, your priority is your child. How do you navigate divorce with a kid? How do you tell your child the news in the least harmful way? Is there a way to break this news without hurting your child at all? 

While you cannot avoid some measure of damage, there are ways to mitigate it. You can take steps to ease your child through divorce acceptance. 

Honesty and cooperation comes first

Psychology Today offers tips on telling your children about your future after divorce. The first thing is to be as honest as possible. You do not need to tell your child every aspect of your divorce. In fact, some things are better left unsaid. But when it comes to how divorce will impact your child, they have a right to know. 

For example, tell them which parent will move out of the house. Let them know what your planned custody schedule looks like. If your child is old enough, you can even let them voice their opinions on these arrangements. If you take the element of surprise out of a post-divorce life, then it is less scary to approach. 

Always prioritize your child

You should also focus on your child above all else. Do not approach them for conversations if you have argued with a co-parent. Your kid will likely pick up on it. Do not argue in front of your child, either. Put your best foot forward. Do whatever you can to cooperate. Above all, tell your child that this is not their fault. Let them know you love them. Do not let them develop a guilty conscience over your personal decisions.