During a divorce, it is easy to lose sight of truly important matters. This loss of focus can lead to ill-chosen decisions that compromise your odds of success for the next chapter of your life.

WomansDivorce.com examines areas of compromise in divorce for both men and women. Understand where to put up a fight and where to reach a mutually beneficial agreement with your current spouse.

What matters most

With every aspect of your marital split, ask yourself if it truly matters to your future as an unmarried person, or if it makes a difference in the lives of any children whom you share custody with your soon-to-be-ex. If the issue has little chance of impacting your life a year from now, you can likely let it go.

The facts 

No matter the reason for your divorce, you have your own perspective and feelings about the split. Remember that your feelings are not facts, and you may not have all the information necessary to know what really ended your marriage beyond a shadow of the doubt. Fill in all gaps of information before making lasting divorce decisions.

Meet your needs

Sit down and write your list of needs (not wants) from your divorce. Consult this list from time to time to maintain perspective on what you need to move on in the healthiest way possible after finalizing your divorce.

Risks and consequences

Dig deep into the consequences and risks of malicious and ill-advised decisions during divorce proceedings. Putting up a fight for a marital house you cannot afford could lead to financial hardships in the years ahead, and seeking revenge against infidelity could result in you only harming your mental and financial health.

Compromise can save you a lot of time and money on divorce. Rather than seeing not putting up a fight as a sign of weakness, see it as a sign of wisdom.