Reestablishing your financial freedom during a divorce can be difficult. Many couples do not realize how entangled their lives are until they face the changes divorce brings.

However, there are ways to support yourself during this difficult time. Whatever your financial situation, the best thing to do is to take steps as soon as you know divorce is coming.

Open a personal bank account

Even during an amicable divorce, you should protect your liquid assets. If you still have a bank account from before your marriage, start using it again. Doing so helps you increase your sense of financial security and protects those assets from use by your spouse.

If you do not already have a bank account in your own name, create one and deposit your income there. Be aware, though, that any money you earn before your official date of separation is part of your marital property. Texas is a community property state, so your income before that date is subject to equal distribution.

Be conservative in your habits

An article on financial tips in USA Today reports that being conservative with spending and saving before dividing assets is a good idea. Because Texas’ community property laws will split your assets evenly with your spouse, there is no inherent benefit to spending any joint money. Saving more than usual will not benefit you much, either.

If you are on amicable terms with your spouse, you may want to discuss this consideration. He or she may not be aware that overspending and over-saving could ultimately cost you both in the long run.