Sometimes, spouses cooperate with each other and bring their marriage to an end in an amicable manner. In fact, some work together to get a collaborative divorce and minimize conflict while saving time and money. Unfortunately, this is not the reality for many couples who end their marriages. Sometimes, people are very hostile during their divorce and a wide range of challenges arise during these circumstances. For example, some people endure threats, false allegations (such as lies related to domestic violence) and other types of combative behavior. It is especially important to address these challenges appropriately.

For starters, false accusations require careful consideration. For example, a spouse who is falsely accused of domestic violence faces many potential problems, such as a shattered reputation, the inability to see their children and so on. Unfortunately, some people launch these false allegations during their divorce in an attempt to gain the upper hand during a custody dispute. Moreover, some people threaten their ex during the divorce process. From threats of physical violence to threats involving children and finances, there are different ways in which people threaten their former marital partner after the relationship falls apart.

It is imperative for people to protect their reputation, their relationship with their kids and other aspects of their current life as well as their future during their divorce. Our website covers a lot of other issues related to getting a divorce and dealing with family law matters that surface after a divorce. Please stay focused and go over your legal options carefully if you are in this tough situation.