After the birth of a child, many families are excited and happy to welcome a new member into the family. However, some people face serious emotional hardships following childbirth, such as postpartum depression. Mothers who have recently given birth experience these emotions for different reasons and the impact of postpartum depression varies from one woman to the next. However, it brings up special concerns with respect to the divorce process.

Sometimes, postpartum depression is actually one of the main causes of a marriage falling apart. In other instances, these negative emotions have nothing to do with a couple deciding to get divorced, but they impact the divorce process in different ways. For example, some people have increased difficulty working with their ex during and after a divorce because of their emotions. Meanwhile, mothers experiencing postpartum depression often have a harder time dealing with their divorce and various family law matters, especially custody issues.

Those struggling with postpartum depression often experience various hardships, from difficulty sleeping and a loss of appetite to intense emotions such as anger and crippling depression. These difficulties sometimes lead to a less favorable outcome due to the inefficient handling of divorce problems. If postpartum depression is a reality for you or your former partner, it is important to be especially cautious and sensitive as you approach the end of your marriage (or work through post-divorce family law concerns). Our website covers more on getting divorced and handling family law issues such as child support, custody and so on. Even though it often seems impossible, try to stay positive during this difficult time.