Getting what you want out of a divorce can be difficult, and taking your spouse to court may seem like the best way to get things done. While you’re almost certainly guaranteed an answer for the judge, there is often a better way to get what you want.

People who use mediation in the divorce process are much more satisfied than those that sought litigation first. Studies generally show that mediation comes out ahead of litigation for all kinds of reasons. You could save time, money and have a better chance of getting the result you’re after.

Meeting in the middle

Mediation can come with a load of benefits:

  • Children: Divorcing couples report an easier time focusing on the children in the mediation process. While the court in Texas may be looking for the best interest of your kids, there are guidelines for what that includes, and your thoughts on the matter may only serve to influence considerations.
  • Grievances: The discussion process in mediation allows for more dialogue between you and your spouse, instead of using a judge as an in-between. Having a neutral, trained party to oversee the process helps everyone to have their voice heard.
  • Fairness: Participants are more likely to say that their agreement was fair and that they had equal influence over the terms. Those that took the matter straight to court didn’t fare as well in this area. Respondents also state that they’d be more willing to swap their half of the agreement for their spouses, which shows a sense of balance.

Getting the answers you want from your divorce questions isn’t always easy, but heading to court may not be your best option. Take some time to consider mediation, and you may have a way forward to find the satisfaction you need.