When planning your divorce, it may be easy to assume you have remembered all the potential situations you need to discuss in order to divide up your assets. However, some issues can be rather unique and hard to remember. Having a checklist of these unique items can make your separation easier and help keep you from missing out on topics you should talk about with your ex-spouse.

Some of the most unlikely yet important assets to discuss during a divorce, according to Forbes, are cemetery plots, collector’s items, memberships to clubs, gifts, photographs, and vacation travel rewards points. In addition, loaned money that other people have yet to repay can also count towards potential assets. If you loaned someone money during your marriage and they pay it back after you and your spouse get divorced, you can still divide the money up when it comes time to figure out who gets which assets.

Pets are another area of contention between married couples. Usually, one spouse is in possession of the pet, but you can discuss other agreements if you wish. If you have not thought about who is in a better position to take care of your shared pet, then it is important to discuss that before finalizing anything. In addition to physical items or other assets, intellectual property, such as royalty rights or trademarks, should be part of the discussion. Dividing up these is a significant source of contention for some when it comes to divorce.

These unique marital assets are important to remember for any plans you make.