Time, money, and effort are some of the most costly factors in a divorce mediation. It is understood that due to the stressful nature of the situation, there are also costs that may not be obvious to you when you first embark on this process. 

In a divorce settlement, there are typical steps that a divorcee will have to take once the process begins. Usually, a neutral third party will begin the mediation by talking about how the legal system works, asking questions to clarify both parties’ ideas and opinions, and discussing child support. Once you have agreed to meet with a professional mediator, you must budget out an appropriate amount of money for the legal fees, which may run from $5 to $105 an hour for each case, according to MSN. 

Additionally, once this process begins, it typically takes about one to two hours to complete per session. Budgeting your time wisely is important, since the process is an emotional one as well as a legal one. Do not underestimate how long it may take to resolve the issues that arise, especially if you also have children or are a legal guardian. Once the two parties reach an agreement, the divorce papers are officially filed in the court system. Neither party may necessarily need to appear in court during the mediation. 

There are benefits to a clear and organized divorce settlement with a third party, but you must make sure to not underestimate the cost of mediation.