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How to avoid child support disputes

On Behalf of | Dec 4, 2019 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

Child support may be a hot button topic in Texas divorces, but it does not have to result in a huge argument or bad situation with your child’s other parent. If you pay child support and end up getting behind, it could create tension and other issues. How you handle this situation makes all the difference.

CNN explains that your approach to a situation where you cannot pay child support often affects the other parent’s reaction. If you ignore it, it may create hostility. That is why the first step is to face the problem head-on. Be responsible and do what you can to settle things as quickly as possible.

Job loss

If you lose your job or experience a pay cut, it may cause serious problems with child support. You may be unable to pay all of your support payments or struggle to handle your own regular expenses. It does little good if you ignore the situation.

It may help to show you understand the situation is a problem. Prove you are trying to find employment or working on making more money. If you are able, pay something toward child support even if you cannot make the full payment. This shows you are not trying to walk away and that you understand your responsibility. In addition, it may lower the costs that add up when you fall behind on payments because you have less of a balance gaining interest.


If your situation is especially difficult and the change is substantial, you may be able to go to court and request a modification. Before you do this, attempt to discuss the issue with your ex-spouse. Explain what is going on with your income and that you cannot make the payments as they are currently.

Make sure to request a modification as soon as possible because the court cannot change any back support balance you owe. It can only make changes going forward. So, do not let too much overdue support add up.

Above all, do not lose control of your emotions. Keep a cool head and logically approach this to avoid compounding the problems.

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