When spouses decide to call it quits, resulting feelings may run the gamut from relief to despair. Putting the brakes on a marriage is not an easy choice, especially when children are in the picture.

There are typically signs that a divorce is on the horizon, and learning how to prepare for the event may set you up for a more conflict-free resolution. There are some things you can do before the final decision that may set you up for a more successful and less-stressful dissolution proceeding. Become familiar with these strategies to assist in preparing for the road ahead.

Find a support network

Going through a divorce may seem like a lonely road. An ending marriage may result in more than a division of property and parenting time. Loyalties from friends and family may also separate, and one spouse or the other may lose out on what she or he thought of as long-lasting friendships. When you are losing so much, you must find reliable friends and family to help you through it. Finding a support network is an integral part of getting through the divorce process in a healthier emotional state.

Devise a realistic plan

Before the divorce process formally begins, you may want to decide how you want your life to look after completing the legal process. Create a life plan for how you see yourself moving forward. Start with where you will live and create a budget to get you there. Limit spending, and start saving to make it easier for your plan to become a reality. If you shrink away from divorce preparation, your stress level could become debilitating.

The choice to end a marriage is personal. It is not something to muddle through if you want to set yourself up for success in the future. Preparing yourself in advance may make all the difference.