Dissolving a marriage in Texas is often made much more complicated with the involvement of children. Parents may have trouble sorting out their emotions, trouble made double when it comes to helping their children make sense of what is going on and why. Parents.com provides tips on working with children of divorce as they transition from a two-parent household to a one-parent household.

 Use plain language

 Parents should not tiptoe around the reality of divorce. While they do not have to share every detail of the split, they should be honest with their children. On a related note, parents should ask their kids not to mask or downplay their reaction to the news. Stifled emotions do not do anyone any good.

 Let kids know love is not going anywhere

 Depending on a child’s age, she or he may feel responsible for the divorce, which can lead to thinking mom and dad do not love them anymore. It is best that parents not only state the divorce has nothing to do with the child and that mom and dad still love her or him, but repeat the statement. Additionally, parents should show their love for their children through their actions as well as their words during the divorce process.

 Prepare for any reaction

 As pointed out by KidsHealth, parents should prepare for almost any reaction from their kids. Common reactions include relief, fear, worry, anger and sadness. Parents should tell their kids there is no right reaction and that whatever they feel (and however they feel it) is valid.

Parents should also clue kids in on how their daily lives may change. Such information can help them know what to expect.