For a marriage to thrive, both spouses must trust each other implicitly. That’s why suspicions of infidelity can be so damaging to married couples in Dallas. If you have concerns about your spouse’s dedication, Psychology Today explains some of the common signs of a cheating partner. While not always an indication of a significant marital issue, the following information may help you get to the bottom of your spouse’s behavior.

Increased hostility

You expect your spouse to be loving and supportive no matter what. When infidelity becomes an issue, the person having an affair often behaves hostilely towards their partner. He or she might even blame the spouse for diminished affection, which can be expressed by harsh criticism or insults. These criticisms often come out of the blue.


Privacy is important, but a person stepping out on their marriage is often very secretive with mobile devices and computers. This can entail password protection, regularly clearing browsing history, or deleting texts and messages. They may also be very guarded with their mobile devices, especially at home.

Lack of emotional intimacy

While a change in physical intimacy is common with infidelity, emotional intimacy may also be affected. Your spouse might seem reluctant to express love and affection or refrain from being emotionally vulnerable in your presence. This is usually because their focus is on another relationship or it could be due to guilt because of an extramarital affair.

Changes in appearance

A cheating spouse often makes a greater investment in his or her appearance. This can be exhibited by a new wardrobe, increased effort in grooming, or even a new workout regimen. In many cases, changes in appearance will be relegated to away-from-home events, such as work and social obligations.