Navigating a divorce with dignity and grace can be difficult for many people in Dallas. That’s why most attorneys recommend taking a break from social media while a divorce is ongoing. If you’re not quite ready to pull the plug, the following tips from Prevention can at least help you reduce the fallout.

Don’t speak negatively about your ex

Despite your feelings, refrain from criticizing or belittling your ex on your social media. Not only does it paint you in a negative light, but it can also be damaging to children you and your partner share. Also, keep in mind that courts believe kids should have a loving, healthy relationship with both parents for the most part. If you’re impeding your kids’ relationship with the other parent in any way, it could affect the outcome of your custody case.

Keep some information to yourself

You may be excited by a new love or attempt to cheer yourself up by splurging on new clothes. When you post about these occurrences on social media, remember that it’s very likely this information will make its way back to your ex. From there it can be used by attorneys to make a case against you, whether you’re fighting for custody or requesting spousal support.

Don’t look up your ex

Snooping on your ex via social media is bad for a variety of reasons. Doing so is likely to cause sadness or even anger if you see your former spouse is moving on. It can also delay healing, since you’ll constantly be reminded of the life you had together. Snooping may even land you in legal trouble if you access an ex’s account using his or her password. If you truly want to move on, keep contact with your former partner relegated to child-rearing and divorce issues.