Making the decision to end a marriage can be difficult for a Texas resident. Most people expect that their unions will truly last until death parts them from their spouses, and for divorce to become a necessary component in a relationship a person may feel as though they have in some way failed. However, divorce is not a sign of failure, but rather an option for individuals who are in need of an alternate path to lifelong happiness.

Even within the process of divorce, a person may have options for how much involvement they want in the decision-making that is necessary to end a marriage. While a traditional divorce accomplished through the courts may allow a person to offer input to a judge who will ultimately rule on matters such as custody, support, and property settlement, a mediated divorce can give a party more direct involvement is settling their own matters.

In order to accomplish a mediated divorce, the parties to the proceedings must find a divorce mediator to work with them. Attorney Leslie Hope serves as both an attorney for men and women who wish to end their marriages through the courts and also a mediator for couples that wish to work together to bring their relationships to a close.

The Hope Family Law Firm is a multi-service family law practice that can offer its clients different options for accomplishing their planned divorces. Those individuals who want to learn more about how to participate in the divorce proceedings through mediation can visit our mediation page.