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What does it mean to have physical custody of a child?

If a Texas resident has not had to deal with child custody matters in their own personal life then it is likely that they have experienced the challenges of custody through the eyes of their friends or family members. They may be familiar with the scheduling hassles that may ensue when a child has to switch between their parents' households and the problems co-parents have when they do not believe that the others are being fair with regard to their time with their kids.

Child custody does not have to be a contentious topic between parents and co-parents can successfully raise their kids if they have clear expectations and rules to follow when it comes to the care of the shared children. This is particularly the case when parents share physical custody of their kids.

Physical custody is one of two forms of child custody that a parent can have after a divorce or separation. It is the form of custody that permits a child to live with their parent. If a parent has sole physical custody of their child then that child will always stay with them, but if physical custody is shared then they child will have to move between their parents' homes.

A parent with physical custody is responsible for providing a child with their day-to-day needs. If parents enjoy relatively equal custody time with their child then they may each be responsible for paying for their child's needs when the child is with them. If a parent has their child for a disproportionate amount of time, however, the other parent may have to provide the child with support.

Parents who negotiate and accept reasonable child custody plans can find balance in their post-divorce or separation lives. Family law attorneys can be invaluable to parents who want to support their children's needs as they work to end their marriage and relationships.

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